About us


Our goal is to improve

the quality of our customers’ lives,

with high-quality, natural,

targeted CBD blends.

Our story

Happy Elf is a dedicated group of health professionals, chemists, tech entrepreneurs, and CBD advocates committed to improving lives. We believe in empowering people to make positive, alternative choices when it comes to healing. 

Our personal CBD journey began with a need for real solutions to lifelong difficulties with sleep, pain and anxiety. The continuing use of Pharma products was not the answer as they often created strong, undesirable side effects. We needed natural products that could really help. The legalization of CBD gave us our answer.  We focused on creating unique, targeted formulas based on individual needs and overall well-being. 

We are passionate about creating unique CBD remedies to meet customers’ specific needs. We therefore use high-quality ingredients from US grown plants, while providing the best value to our customers. 

Who we are

While a new company, the Happy Elf Corporation plans to invest more than $90 million into optimizing our formulas and creating efficient production lines for volume distribution. We are a professional organization that uses best industry practices and resources to give our clients products that work. In everything from our formulas, manufacturing, and rigorous testing and distribution, we strive to provide top quality products to our customers. 

Price is often a critical factor and we understand that,  so our goal is to optimize the manufacturing process, distribution and marketing to make sure every dollar saved in operations is passed on to our customer in direct savings.

Harnessing nature’s healing power

Happy Elf carefully crafts CBD products that harness nature’s healing power using unique blends and formulas to target consumers’ specific needs. We use only the best ingredients and essential oils to ensure our products are effective and safe.  

The product range includes a CBD Sleep Elixir for a better night’s sleep, CBD Beauty for nails, hair and skin, CBD Calm to reduce stress levels, and CBD Pain Relief to assist in pain management, Immunity Elixir to support the immune system and a Pure Elixir for overall well being.

We understand there is a lot of information about CBD out there that is new, hard to understand and misleading. By providing transparent labels we demystify our products with clear, easy to understand instructions to give customers clarity when making a decision on which product to buy. We pride ourselves on making the customer experience as easy, informative and comfortable as possible.

Happy Elf gives customers value and stands for quality. Creating excellent products using unique formulas that really work is our obsession.